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Key Features

Unique Formula for Body Recovery , Repair , and Rejuvenation


  • box:10 sachets/ box

Key Features

E-Power is a high-efficiency formula designed by the doctors of biotechnology in the U.S. The plant-based supplement focuses on body recovery , repair , and rejuvenation after surgeries and during treatments. 

The formula contains the high amino acids with 98% of digestibility, micronutrients, high phosphatidyl choline (920mg), phosphatidyl ethanolamine (720mg), phosphatidyl inositol(600mg), and Phosphatidic acid(240mg), all nutrients mentioned above would interactive and bring a better efficiency of nutrient support. Further, E-power balances the needs of your body, improves metabolism, prevents muscle loss, and maintains the quality of life.     


  • Food safety and inspection up to medical standard.
  • Patented ultrafiltration technology and 98% high digestibility
  • Classified as GRAS by FDA in USA
  • Kosher & Halal certified
  • Contains 18 natural Amino acids (including 9 essential amino acids)
  • NON-GMO certified by Eurofins GeneScan in USA
  • Contains multiples minerals, vitamins
  • High phosphatidyl choline, phosphatidyl ethanolamine, phosphatidyl inositol, and Phosphatidic acid.
  • Whole plant-based formula, the best choice for vegetarians.
  • High-efficieny Nutrition support for recovering body functions.
  • Improves metabolism and lower cholesterol naturally. 
  • Faster wounds healing after surgery.

Nutrition engagement goal of different groups

  1. Before surgery: Good nutrition will help get your body ready for surgery, heal better and fight infection.
  2. After surgery: Good nutrition is necessary for healing after surgery. During the healing process, the body needs increased amounts of protein, amino acids, vitamins, and sometimes the mineral zinc. 
  3. During Treatment: pre-operative supplement, maintain function and weight during treatment, dietary supplement for a better recovery.
  4. General Daily supplement: dietary supplement for various conditions including vegetarians, ineffective immune function, muscle function loss etc.

General daily amount recommanded :

  • Before surgery: 1bag/day
  • After surgery: 2bag/day
  • During treatment: 1-2bag/day
  • General Daily supplement: 1bag/ day

Instruction for use:

To prepare a 250ml E-Power drink, pour 250ml cold/warm water into a shaker or a bottle with cap. Add 1 bag of E-Power and shake it until them mix well. The shaking part could be replaced by mixers. For flavor variety, E-Power could be combined with every food and drinks such as milk, juice, ice cream, soup by stirring, shaking or mixer.

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