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Key Features

Unique Formula for oral skin care as natural cosmetic surgery results


  • Available in: :10 sachets/ box

Key Features

E-beauty is the “golden formula” supplement designed by the doctors specialized in biotech field in U.S.A. The product focuses on improves metabolism meanwhile firming and revitalizing the skin by efficient multi-nutrition intake.

Remarkably, E-beauty contains 18 natural Amino acids and variety micronutrients that brightens, softens, and rejuvenates your skin from the inside out naturally. Beauty has never been so easy.


  • Up to medical standards
  • Patented ultrafiltration technology with high absorption rate (98%).
  • Inspected and classified as GRAS by the FDA in USA
  • Kosher & Halal certified
  • NON-GMO certified by Eurofins GeneScan in USA
  • Contains 18 natural Amino acids (including 9 essential amino acids)
  • Balances the body needs and improves health.
  •  Nutrients support antioxidant systems then reduce free radicals.
  • Nano-sized amino acids are contained in the “golden formula”.
  • Best supplement for pregnant and recovering from the birth.
  • Faster wounds healing after cosmetic surgery.

Nutrition engagement goal of different groups

  1. Before surgery: Good nutrition will help get your body ready for surgery, heal better and fight infection.
  2. Cosmetic surgery recovery: The amino acids with high absorption rate support and improve wounds healing meanwhile prevent leaving scars during the recovery of cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery.

  3. Nutrition for Skin Care: The mechanism how E-beauty affects skin is from the inside to outside. Skin glows with many reason, for example, increased metabolism.  

General daily amount recommanded 

  1. Before surgery: 1bag/day
  2. Cosmetic and plastic surgery recovery: 2bag/day
  3. Skin care: 1-2bag/day

Instruction for use

To prepare a 250ml E-Beauty drink, pour 250ml cold/warm water into a shaker or a bottle with cap. Add 1 bag of E-Beauty and shake it until them mix well. The shaking part could be replaced by mixers. For flavor variety, E-Beauty could be combined with every food and drinks such as milk, juice, ice cream, soup by stirring, shaking or mixer.

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